My work space III: Geometric felt coasters

geometric felt coasters

Hey, I am just hopping in for a quick and easy DIY and a brief insight into my working space – where at the moment most of my life takes place. 😦

So, in case you’ve already wondered what a tutorial for coasters has to do with a working desk … well that’s the answer. Staring at the computer or the mountain of exams to be corrected – the sunny weather outside always in sight through the window, but unreachable – a mug of coffee beside me, that’s the sad truth at the moment.

And no, don’t tell me that you’re not – of course only in exceptional circumstances – eating at your desk?! Well, the bigger coaster perfectly fits a plate or bowl…

geometric felt coasters

These felt coasters – that you can use at a regular dining table as well 😉 – are ridiculously easy to make.

All you need is gray felt (mine is 5 mm thick) and some yarn scraps. Cut out hexagons (angle: 120°) with fabric scissors and do some freestyle hand stiching. I sticked with geometric lines to complete the geometric purist style.

geometric felt coasters

Stylewise the coasters serve as a connecting element between this and this wall now.

So much for the moment, I guess I’m descending into work again…

♥ Update: I am very pleased and a bit surprised that not less than three nice blogging ladies nominated my blog for the “Liebster Award”. I thank you very much, but I am afraid that at the moment I am not able to answer all those 33 questions. Besides – to be honest, not meaning to offend someone – I am not quite convinced by these kind of chain letter style awards.


  1. Thanks for linking to my blog! Completely understand your feelings about these awards – but at least you now know I think your blog is awesome! 🙂 Have a great day!

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