My work space IV: Storage and decoration

ikea ps work space

May I invite you to another closer look around my redesigned working place?

This time you will mainly see where I store all my stuff – perhaps we shouldn’t exaggerate and speak of “organization”…

When I decided to swop my old massive wooden desk – from teenage times – for a new one I had the vision  of a lighter look around the place I am sitting about half of the day. I decided for a simple wooden desktop with hairpin legs (next time, next time…).

I love the airy clean  look … but: where to store all the stationary, books, crafting material that had been absorbed and hidden by the two deep drawer units of my old desk?

A new solution had to be found. And I finally went for three different elements.

ikea helmer

1. The IKEA helmer drawer unit – on castos – is placed underneath the desk. It’s where I store all those stationary, old letters and postcards,…

working space with ikea ps and stuva

2. The IKEA PS cabinet has been a long favourite of mine. It is the place where I hide all those – not very decorative – books and folders I need around me when I work at home.

ikea stuva

3. I guess my favourite new piece of furniture is the IKEA stuva storage bench. It’s from IKEAS kids room series, but who says that adults are not allowed to use it?! It has room for all sorts of crafting material (paper, punches, stamps, crayons, yarn, beads, paint…) plus: yes it’s a bench.Isn’t this great?

storage paper rolls

The whole working place is  visually held together – and seperated from the rest of the room by a kind of bordure I created all around it with this great geometric patterned wallpaper from IKEAS limited collection Bråkig. I simply fixed it with drawing pins and masking tape. On the picture below you can also see my “cubic” wall (a little bit rearranged).

desktop storage 1

Finally we come to my little desktop storage, consisting of an old wine crate and three IKEA skurar plant pots that I repurposed to hold all my pens, scissors, glue,… Actually I’ve started with one pot, until this was too full, then I bought another, until… I think if I squeezed them, another one would fit into the box 😉

desktop storage 2

The top of the crate is decorated with black and white photographs. The photo holders are an easy DIY: Stones and shells from our last holiday, a bit of wire (plus pliers and a wire cutter) – that’s it.

DIY stone and shell picture holder

This basically is my new home office!




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