Dream garden – Romance needs hard work

pizza oven

Last week my mother celebrated her birthday – a good occasion for a short stay at my parent’s house. As it is a family tradition the birthday was celebrated with old friends … and with my fathers homemade pizza – made in his DIY pizza oven! … Famous all around the village! It was – like always – a delight.

pizza oven


My parent’s vast garden right now is in its full summer blossom, its abundance and beauty overwhelming. Veggies, flowers, berries – all of them are hitting their peak.



herbs 1

I used the opportunity of my stay for excessively taking pictures of the garden – to the amazement of the neighbours. Why would someone shoot close-ups of chard? Of a vegetable garden that everybody in the neighbourhood has? I guess – as so often – you really start to value things when you lack them. Besides: Don’t you think there is so much beauty in vegetables?




In between little hidden places, oases of calm.


at the pond

rose arch

And there are lot of things to discover – each time I come to visit some things have changed: new plants, new decoration, rearrangements … the love for the details is admirable.

potted plants


potted plants

potted plants


Besides you can see that the garden is not only home for plants but also for animals – more and less suprising ones, I guess 😉 …

peas and bee hive



Yet, I am not naive romantic. I’ve lived there long enough to know very well that nature doesn’t do everything on her own, that there is hard work that goes into this garden – all-season! Planting, pruning, fertilising, weeding, picking, … there’s always something to to – which makes this garden even more admirable.

green house

green house

This will always be my dream garden!



  1. What a beautiful garden, and yes, having been a gardener all my life it’s a lot of work! Love your sewing patterns, I’m hoping to make some bags and that’s how I found you. I love the way you write.

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