Sensory – Tactile bean bag pairs game for toddlers

tactile pairs/memory - pyramid bean bag

My little godson is so curious. At the moment he’s in his oral phase. He is exploring everything by putting it in his mouth and you carefully have to watch him, because everything really means everything: stones, garden mould, crumbs,…

tactile pairs/memory - pyramid bean bag

If he follows the usual developement he’ll soon reach his tactile phase – and I am prepared. With some fabric scraps I sewed these little pyramid bags for him that are filled with different legumes and grains – from big chickpeas to fine poppy seeds. With this toy he can practice his haptic senses. As I always filled two bags with the same ingredient you can also play a sensual pair (German: memory) game with them … which is quite challenging cause visual and haptic senses don’t fit together.

tactile pairs/memory - pyramid bean bag

And aren’t they just decorative as well?

tactile pairs/memory - pyramid bean bag

To sew the pyramid bean bags…

you will need
12 (or more or less) fabric pieces, each 20 x 10 cm ( 2 pieces 10 x 10 cm will work as well; you’ll have to sew one additional seam)

6 different distinguishable kinds of legumes and grains for filling (I used: chickpeas, black beans, brown lentils, (short grain) rice, poppy seeds, millet chaff)

How to
Fold fabric pieces in half lengthwise right sides facing. Set sewing machine on a short stich length. Sew two seams closed. Now fold into pyramid shape, pin and sew last seam closed, leaving a small hole for turning and filling. Turn right sides out, pinch corners with a pen.

With a funnel fill bags (This probably won’t work with chickpeas and beans, so you have to do it by hand). Don’t pack them too tightly, the grains or legumes should be able to move around.

Close the hole, either by handstiching or with a short machine stich.

tactile pairs/memory - pyramid bean bag


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