It’s becoming a tradition – Soul food weekend

berry tartes 4

In the woods … yes it is again this (and this) remote place in the palatine forest the middle of nowhere where we spend again two days of cooking, baking, eating, relaxing, celebrating with a bunch of friends … surely by now it’s becoming a tradition.

in the woods 4

berry tartes 1

The idea of our cooking and baking was to use the ingredients as starting point: No concrete plans, but inspiration.

Zucchini, bell peppers, sweet potatoes, peaches, berries … what can make out of these ingredients? – A salad, antipasti, dips? How to combine? … A challenge … with a delicious outcome!

vegetable antipasti 1

Like last year we were baking tartes for the afternoon – easy to make and so satisfying. According to the season we assembled blueberry and blackberry tartes,…

berry tartes 3

and a lemon tarte for the lovers of tartness 😉 (For the recipes have a look at last year’s post).

lemon tarte

berry tartes 2

Of course there was some bread baking as well … huge monster breads. This is solely Marcus job – he’s the pro and I can only watch and learn.

bread 1

baking bread

Meanwhile I prepared some baked peaches and apricots, filled with goat cheese – yummy!

baked peaches with gaot cheese

For the barbecue in the evening we assembled some dips and salads, prepared some baked corn as well as sweet potatoes.

papaya salad 1

vegetable antipasti 2

barbecue 1

oven backed sweet potatoes

in the woods 5

zucchini oat meal patties 1

And then there was meat of course … huge amounts of meat from the local butchery, that the boys prepared on the DIY barbecue grill made from an old barrel…

barbecue 4

Where men feel like real men 😉

barbecue 3

barbecue 2

Judging from the run on the buffet and close to no leftovers, I guess our freestyle cooking struck a chord with the hungry crowd!

barbecue 5

dips and salads

It was all a great gathering, that didn’t end with darkness…

in the woods 3

The next morning started late and slowly …

breakfast 1

… with hearty breakfast (Making scrambled eggs from about 30 eggs is so cool!) – and step by step saying good bye once again, to the place and the people.

in the woods 2

breakfast 2

With a sleep deficit and some mosquito bites but as well relaxed we arrived back home. See you then!

in the woods 1


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