Not saving the world … but at least planting a tree

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If I am reflecting my life – my approch to comsumption, to live, my everday routines – during the last years I can definitely see a growth in consciousness.

It’s about appreciating the priceless things in life that are indeed so invalueable (In some way I had to learn it the hard way.). It’s about reflecting me as a consumer, setting more value on healthy, ecological, fair produce, thinking about the necessity of habits, trying to re- or upcycle things …

Partly this is a return, back to my roots, the way I was brought up by my parents, which, I have to admit, annoyed me more than once in those days. I am now more and more valueing it … perhaps late, but better than never, eh?.

But of course I know as well: It’s not only me. In doing so I am following as well a certain lifestyle. So, is it more style than life? A trend that will pass? An elitist attitude that it based on prosperity and therefore creates again distinction? Or rather a global rethinking that is more than overdue?

The answer to these questions is not easy, and quite often I am left hesitating.

That’s how it was when I read about “Mein Blog ist CO2-neutral” / “My blog is carbon neutral”. The simple idea: Planting a tree (in cooperation with “I plant a tree”) to make up for the CO2 emission of your blog. Sounds ecologically worthwile – but isn’t this – like atmosfair – just a modern sale of indulgences? An easy way to ease your guilty conscience? A fig leave that can’t really cover up (or compensate?) our above-average energy use?

No, this tree won’t save the world – but then it is still a tree … and isn’t one tree better than no tree?! The starting point for changing things always is yourself.

Julia and Mecki have lately written similar opinions (or questions) … What are your thoughts about this?

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  1. I agree a tree is better than no tree. Maybe it’s also about reducing food waste and lots of small things, as these things all require energy/carbon to produce and transport etc? Very thoughtful post.

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