Hidden colour schemes – Crocheted hot water bottle cover

crocheted hot water bottle cover 1

In the moment I loaded these pictures up I realized that all my recent posts are following the same colour scheme – mustard. Of course, it’s the colour of autumn, but I didn’t know how much I seam to be led by visual impressions. Hmm, perhaps I should start a new project: eating by colour 😉

crocheted hot water bottle cover 2

Anyway, this post is not about food, but about my best friend around the cold season – my hot water bottle, that got a whole new look.

It all started when I discovered the new GU handcraft book series “So einfach geht’s” (It’s that easy”). I had a (virtual) look inside and spontaneously ordered the crocheting and the sewing volume (and I am still thinking about knitting and stiching…). The series is meant for beginners. I am not, but I have learned most handcraft through the internet – or my grandmother and mother – so I found it was time to have some books at home to look up basic technics. Besides the books were so tempting – small but nifty projects, not kitschy, but in a modern plain look.

crocheted hot water bottle cover 3

And when this evil flu caught me about a week ago and my head wasn’t able to work fully, I packed out my crochet hooks, made the first loop … and didn’t stop since.

The hot water bottle cover was only the beginning but I immediately grew fond of it: super simple and quick to crochet (hook 10, US: N/15), chunky texture but still cuddly and soft, and mustard…

crocheted hot water bottle cover 4

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