Foodblogs I love: Krautkopf

foodblogs I loveThe German foodblog Krautkopf by Susann and Yannic

I can’t deny that I am a visual person and food photography that tells a story or is able to express a specific mood is important for captivating me in the long run.
No wonder that the moody and artful but in the same time reduced pictures of Susann and Yannic caught me.

But then a food blog is not only about pictures – the recipes have to convince me as well. They have to suprise me, trigger feelings,…
The creative cuisine of Susann and Yannic draws from German, mediterranean, arab, asian and american influences, combines them, gives them new twists, experiments with products like water kefir (without using the word superfood ;)) …. and awakens my curiosity!

But they also offer reinterpretations of classic recipes like the traditional sunken apple cake that I – and probably a lot of Germans – have so many memories with.


That the completely vegetarian cooking is closely linked to the seasons is not least proved by categorizing recipes by season. But let’s not forget the “basics” section – a elected choice of their favourite vegetarian staples like cashewnut cream or vegetable stock.


Here are Susanns and Yannics thoughts about food and their blog:

You are running your blog since a bit more than a year. What prompted you to start blogging, what is your main motivation to keep on doing this?

Besides our love for photography, cooking and eating is the second thing we are really passionate about. To bring both together can’t be topped and makes us simply happy.
We have long watched out for a possibility to share our photos and recipes with others. A food blog was the logical consequence.
What we learned to love most about our blog is the control over what we’re eating. We regularly share our everyday meals on Instagram. This way, we have an overall view on our nutrition and we always find inspiration in our own dishes. Cause we’re rarely following recipes when we’re cooking, we often forget about how we had prepared something. A little cooking journal can jog your memory in such cases.
But what probably motivates every blogger is the great feedback of our readers. It piques
us to try out new things again and again.

What is your favourite recipe that you’ve posted?
This question is really hard to answer. Cause we’re cooking seasonal, every season has its own favourite recipe. An amazing dish that we indeed prepare all year round are our mung beans pancakes.

What is your favourite ingredient?
Ginger.krautkopf kefir limonade

What are the main influences of your cooking?
Basically we’re really cooking with influences from all around the world. We can’t name something specific. Besides cooking we love to go out for dinner and try new meals there, of which we carry a lot of impressions and influences with us back home.

What does cooking mean for you?
For us it is important what we eat and what is contained in our food. How can you realize this better than by cooking fresh every day? After a hard day of work it is also often very relaxing to stand at the stove in the evening and rest your mind. Of course it is most rewarding to cook for other people and to savour together. Eating and cooking unites.

You are working as professional photographers. How important is the photography of your food for you?
For our blog photographs are super important and also the feature that distinguishes us most. Despite Instagram and other social media in which one shares his food, it is important to us that it tastes good and this includes that it comes hot into the belly. So, if we do not have the camera at hand, then the food is not photographed no matter how delicious it looks.

You are not only running this blog together, but you are also working together in other projects … and you are a couple – aren’t quarrels or “oversaturation” bound to occur?
Quarrels are quite rare. We can be so happy with what we have. We complement each other in so many ways and alone we would be only half as strong as together. We drive each other. This is probably our only problem: that we often forget to breath through. But then we’re still young 😉

What is essential for buying a cookbook or for visiting a food blog regularly?
For us it stands and falls with the pictures. Since we don’t cook by recipe, we’re often inspired purely by the appearance of a dish. You won’t find a cookbook with only few photos in our cupboard. How often do we look at our “Noma” cookbooks, because photos and food styling are just amazing? We have cooked from it maybe two recipes or parts of them – partly because it is not just vegetarian. In this case it is more about the aesthetics and mood of the food. The “Noma: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine” is definitely one of our favorite cookbooks.

At the moment Martas „What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today?“ has a front-row seat. Her stunning photographs are mouthwatering and the selection of eateries Marta presents are really amazing.

Recipes and Photos by Susann Prost and Yannic Schon for Krautkopf – Photos of the Krautkopf Loft Dinner by Grit Siwonia

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