Pause and move

snowy winter landscape 1

Now here it is – the new year – with all its unwritten stories, plans, expectations and hopes… We started the new year the way we ended the now gone 2014 – in a slowed down and relaxed rhythm that you can truly follow only during this peculiar period “between the years”.

snowy winter landscape 2

This time the sudden – although not unexpected – onset of winter intensified this feeling of a temporary standstill. Like if nature wanted to tell us to decelerate, to come to a rest and pause for a moment. Freeze! When the mercury is falling and everything is getting covered in snow, you are inescapably thrown back on yourself, to the elementary things. A good time for quietness and reflection.

snowy winter landscape 3

No doubt, the winter weather sadly crossed out some of our plans – but at the same time it raised awareness again: that we can’t live without accepting nature as a player in the game, that we have to accept, that not everything is always in our hands.

snowy winter landscape 5

I am not looking back on 2014 for bad. But I had some unlovely health issues that forced me to slow down, to listen to my body and care for my health … and accept my own limitations and the fact that not everything is in my hands – for me a hard lesson to learn, but also the key to a new kind of serenity and self-consciousness.

In some other ways this past year forced me to leave my own comfort zone, to push my limits further and discover until then unknown talents … courage was the challenge – that payed off!

snowy winter landscape 4

 I am sure that 2015 will bring new challenges – and based on former experiences I hopefully will always know when it’s time to step up to the plate and when it’s time not to enforce things and to relax. Meanwhile I am enjoying the beauty of the snowy winter landscape! 2015 – let’s go! I wish you, my constant readers, all the best for your road to new horizonts!

snowy winter landscape 6

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