Life and the whole thing – Oriental birthday buffet

party buffet 4

“My head is an animal” these days, bombarding me with all those existential questions:

So many paths to go – but which one should I go? Is there a right one, a right way of life – at least a right one for me? What’s true about “there is a time for everything”? In which phase of my life am I at the moment? Clearly, there are a lot of answers, that one gets offered, implicit and explicit expectations, what to do. There are common ways of life, the way, people “use to” do things. And there are warnings: You will be unhappy, if … Don’t we all just want to be happy in our own way? Still priorities have to be set, decisions to be made … if you don’t make them, life makes them for you.

“Trust your gut!” – Sounds good, but if your gut is uncertain as well?! (And by the way suffers from an annoying gastritis 😦 )

 Gosh! I think this is what people call midlife crisis… Comforting to know, that others are grappling with similar questions.

birthday party 2

What helps – at least for the moment – be in the here and now, live the moment. Thinking does help in many cases, but probably not when you’re trying to find out what makes you happy…

party buffet 3

Around birthdays those feelings seem to cumulate, when you’ve passed the mark of 30. Getting older seems to get harder and harder these days … blessed, if your closest try to ease the pain for you, f.ex. by organising a surprise party with all of your friends (Not that I am especially fond of surprises.). Our friend Tobi who turned 40 was that lucky guy!

birthday party 1

So when I was asked if I could manage the culinary supply, I happily accepted. It only needed a quick browse of cookbooks and food blogs to know what I wanted to make: a “Jerusalem” inspired arab-jewish buffet. The most part of one day I stood in the kitchen, stirred, chopped, mixed, kneaded, twisted, rolled, folded (and for a short time lost the orientation which of the prepared doughs were meant for which recipe) … and was happy just by doing this!

I guess, sometimes it’s that easy!

party buffet 2

party buffet 5

The assorted bites I assembled on the buffet

Cause the idea was to serve little fingerfood bites I shrank the bialys, sfihas and latkes, knish to mini ones.

birthday party 4

party buffet 1

And the party itself? – It didn’t last as long as parties did in earlier days 😉 but nevertheless it was fun!

Finally, LCD Soundsystem’s fantastic song about getting older: Losing my edge.

birthday party 3


  1. Liebe Julia,
    wir sollten uns bald mal treffen und über die großen Themen des Lebens und die kleinen Freuden einer lang anhaltenden Gastritis sprechen 😉
    Liebe Grüße!

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