Journey through time – A family gathering in the Black Forest

Black Forest 1

On this first really springlike sunday this year I refuse to spend a lot of time at the desk. So excuse me that I will mostly let pictures speak for the moment.

Black Forest 6

We spend a part of the weekend in the Black Forest where a family celebration took place. We celebrated an 80th birthday – a moment to review, a journey through time.

Black Forest 4


The celebrations took place in one of the most traditional German holiday regions – the Black Forest. It’s mountains, its vast fir forests, its traditionality attract tourists since more than 100 years now.

Black Forest 5

Black Forest 3

The hotel itself was according to everything you would expect from a typical “Schwarzwaldhotel”: Nested in a little hidden village in which the time seemed to stand still, an interior that transferred you back right into the 70s, good German traditional food with lots of meat, smoked trout from the nearby trout farm, of course “Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte” (Black Forest cake) and a “Kännchen Kaffee” (pot of coffee) – old-fashioned in a charming way.

Black Forest 2

Nature is only awakening in this rough region, always a step behind the lower regions, the traces of the winter in the form of high piles of snow are still obvious. But today the spring sun showed its power – winter is coming to an end!

Swabian Alb

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