Snug and warm – Knitted baby blanket

knitted baby blanket 1

knitted baby blanket 2

And there it is, my best friends newborn girl. Of course this didn’t happen out of a sudden 😉 … so I had time to prepare. And I used long winter evenings to work on this knitted baby blanket.

knitted baby blanket 5  knitted baby blanket 7

For long I had admired those beautiful colourful blankets from The Purl Bee (find the crochet pattern here). Now I finally had the chance to knit one myself.

It’s kind of the easiest knitting project you can imagine. It’s a simple garter stich (only plain stiches forth and back) – perfect for knitting besides watching TV, talking, or listening to colleagues on conferences (BTW: From my experience knitting or crocheting doesn’t disturb but improve concentration.)

Simple doesn’t mean boring. Knitting this way gives the blanket a beautiful grid texture – two rows always forming one ridge. This way your working yourself from colour block to colour block.

knitted baby blanket 3

knitted baby blanket 4

Instead of ordering Purl Soho yarn from the US, which seamed a bit exaggerated, I turned to Drops Design, my favourite yarn producer, that can be easily ordered in Germany. When looking for a yarn that had a similar gauge than Purl Soho’s Worsted Twist and that was suitable for babys I found their Cotton Merino yarn. Like the name already suggests it’s a combination of 50% merino wool and 50% cotton – this way combining the benefits of both. It has a medium weight, which has a nice warmth, but with no itching, but a softness that is just right for baby skin. And: You can machine wash it up to 40° C – ideal in case of … er … little accidents that can happen with babies.

knitted baby blanket 6


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