Cause it’s fun – Waffled pita sandwich with sucuk

waffled pita sandwich with sucuk 1

Foodwise the last weeks weren’t quite the healthiest ones – unless you’d call sandwiches with different toppings a varied and balanced diet. Although the homemade ones definitely were better than the ones from the bakery, smeared with loads of butter. Especially the numerous Bánh mì dinners.

So, it basically suggested itself that this post would be dedicated to a sandwich. *Yawn*? No, it’s not a normal sandwich. It’s a waffled sandwich! “Is she really putting a sandwich into a waffle iron? And: WHY?” – 1. Yes, she is. 2. Because it’s fun! It’s warm and crisp and it looks freaky. And because it limits the smell in your kitchen. (And because we don’t have a sandwich maker…).

If you want to see some more crazy waffling experiments (just in case you don’t know this blog yet): Turn to Daniels blog “Will it Waffle?” (or buy his book), dust off your waffle iron and abandon the idea that this might be the most useless utensil in your kitchen.

Note: For easily cleaning the waffle iron I recommend using a (unused) toothbrush.

waffled pita sandwich with sucuk 2

waffled pita sandwich with sucuk 5

The sandwich itself is a kind of greek-turkish fusion sandwich: It’s dominated by sucuk, the turkish garlicky, slightly spicy sausage, and feta cheese, which are accompagnied by some egg and fresh tomatoes and parsley. That’s it! Simple, but delicious and definitely a candidate for my heavy rotation lunch list.

waffled pita sandwich with sucuk 3

waffled pita sandwich with sucuk 4

Waffled pita sandwich with sucuk (1-2p., depending on hungryness)

2 pita bread pockets, ½ small sucuk sausage (about 50 g), 1 egg, 3-4 sprigs parsley, about 50 g feta cheese, 4-5 cherry tomatoes

Slice sucuk sausage. Roast from both sides in a pan and set aside. Scramble egg and pour into pan (don’t clean it), fry from both sides and set aside. Meanwhile wash parsley and tomatoes. Roughly chop parsely, halfen tomatoes. Crumble feta cheese. Preheat waffle iron. Fill each of the pita pockets with half of the ingredients (best start with omelette). Don’t worry if the bread breaks when squeezing everything in, waffling will basically seal it. Place filled pita breads in the waffle iron and press down to close the lid. Bake for about 5 minutes until they’re getting brown on top. Halfen each bread and enjoy warm.


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