So practical – Carry-all pincushion from “Handmade Style”

carry-all pincushion 1

 When I first flipped through the pages of Anna Grahams sewing book “Handmade Style” I had a hard time to decide with which project I would like to start: A tunic for me, another bag or perhaps a quilting project after I’ve mastered my first steps?

carry-all pincushion from Anna Graham 4

pincushion homemade style 2

I’ve decided to start small … and practical! A pincushion that carries everything a sewer always needs at hand? – What a brilliant idea!

I gathered a few scraps in black, grey and white and assembled this pincushion. And although I screwed up the size of the pleated side pockets (and made the best out of it) this pincushion turned out to be sooo useful. No more scrabbling about, no misplaced ruler but everything at hand … for some more sewing projects from Annas book.

mulitfunctional pincushion 5

pincushion noodlehead 3


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