Precious – Umbrella Prints Rainbow Clutch

rainbow clutch Anna Graham Handmade Style 1

While we’re unpacking our suitcase, washing stashes of clothes and sorting travel pictures – some of them found soon on this blog – I wanted to show you this small sewing project I’ve finished already a few weeks ago.

This clutch is already the second project from Anna’s “Handmade Style” that I’ve approached. I made it as a birthday gift for a special friend of me … and therefore finally could bring myself to use some of my most precious fabrics. That is to say, that I have the – hard to overcome – habit not to use my best fabrics out of some kind of awe… so in the end they lay over years in my fabric cabinet where I admire them each time I open it … and lay them back again.

rainbow clutch 2

rainbow clutch 3

At least this time I overcame this habit and used some of my Umbrella Prints scraps that I had ordered all the way from Australia. You just have to love their – all handmade – prints! So perhaps it’s no wonder, that Anna herself had the idea, too, to sew her version of an Umbrella Prints Rainbow clutch … nice coincidence!

If you’re looking for some inspiration about how to use up your stash of fabric scraps, have a look at the entries of the annual Umbrella Prints Trimmings Challenge … I know this clutch comes too late. Nevermind.

rainbow clutch 5

If you are not afraid sewing zippers (no reason to be frightened) this clutch pattern is a nice little afternoon project. The technique I learned here is the so called paper piecing, a technique that was new for me and is used for patchwork. With some concentration not too difficult … perhaps the first of more patchwork projects?

rainbow clutch Anna Graham Handmade Style 4

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