Transition – Felted hazelnuts

felted hazelnut 1

When I look out of my windows I see all colour shades from yellow to red – there are only a few trees around that still keep their green leaves. Autumn is in is full vibrant blossom. I try to soak the colours in as well as the sun, cause days are getting shorter, colder and the fog is creeping in.

felted hazelnut 2

felt ball diy

It’s the time of the year when you want to nest, prepare yourself for the long dark winter evenings. It’s the time when I take the warm blanket out of the closet to wrap around me when sitting on the couch, take out my knitting needles, buy some new tea, eat the first gingerbread, start thinking about christmas presents, make plans what to read this year during the cold season (this year I’ll continue reading Karl Ove Knausgård’s epic autobiographical project “My struggle”/“Min kamp”)…

autumn diy decoration

… and bring the colours of autumn into the house with this easy craft project:

Collect some hazelnut shells- it looks beautiful with acorns as well – , make a handful of small felt balls (follow f.ex. this tutorial), dry the felt balls, press them into the shells, optionally fix them with a drop of glue.

In case you can’t stop felting little balls and don’t know what to do with them: Pinterest has a lots of DIY ideas to offer: potholders, rugs, statement necklaces, garlands, mobiles… 😉

felt ball hazelnut

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