The taming of the shrew – Quince juice


Somehow the words seem to have left me at the moment. Words did break too many things during the last days, words weren`t anything more than words … some words sadly haven’t be said. Emptiness stands beside confusion, anger alternates with sadness, all coated by disillusionment.
But although it’s hard these days for the sun to find her way through the fog, I’ve learned that much: She always will. Until then: Concentrate on the close things, the small pleasures that are easy to reach…

quince juice 2

IKEA hemsmak labels

… like these quinces from the farmer’s market that brought some colour into the day… and this distinctive fruity-floral scent. I had bookmarked the recipe for a while already, and now it seamed just the right thing to do on a grey weekend.

Cutting the intracable quinces, softening them, straining the mashed fruit meditatively, the whole apartment shrouded in this smell that is so fresh and warming at the same time, brought some ease.
And then: Trying the first sip, still warm, and here it is: The small pleasure, the small scale success!

quince fruit leather 2

For the labelling I could bring to use again my Dymo and those cute Hemsmak stickers I bought at IKEA lately.

… and even the remaining pulp could be “upcycled” into fruit leather.

quince juice 1

Quince juice (a bit more than 1,5 l)
[adated from here]

17 quinces, (optional, depending on sweet- and sournesss of fruit: sugar, lemon juice)

Wash quinces and cut into quarters. (The cores of quinces contain a lot of pectin. If you want to avoid your juice to jelly a bit, remove cores as well.) Transfer to a huge pot, cover with water, bring to cook. Cook for 30-60 minutes until quinces are soft and fall apart. Press through a mesh strainer and optionally filter another time through cheesecloth. (A food mill and/or juicer would make this process a lot easier and less time consuming.) Try juice and optionally add some sugar or lemon juice. (I added 100 g sugar.) Bring juice to boil again and fill into sterilized bottles. This way the juice will keep a few weeks in the fridge.
If you want to keep it longer, transfer bottles to the big pot again, fill up with boiling water. Stop about a centimeter underneath the lid of the bottles. Over medium heat cook for 30 minutes. Carefully remove bottles from pot and let cool out.
Although it is not a syrup, I prefer to drink the juice thinned with water (about 1:1).

Quince fruit rolls

see instructions here

quince fruit rolls


  1. Your introductory words were the perfect description of my last week… Wish I had quinces as well, I can even taste the honey sweetness of quince jelly on a warm buttered toast! Thanks for the post with my Sunday coffee, it was well needed! And the first picture is absolutely amazing! All the best from Göteborg, Theo

  2. Liebe Julia,
    auch wenn der Nebel gerade undurchdringbar scheint, es ist wirklich so, dass die Sonne ihren Weg wieder findet. Wir fanden heute tatsächlich den einzigen Ort in der Umgebung, in der die Sonne schien, es warm war und genau das, was man als “goldenen Herbst” bezeichnet. Du findest Deinen goldenen Herbst auch wieder, bestimmt ❤
    Liebe Grüße!

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