Keep on turning – DIY rope bowl

rope bowl 1

This project is in my blogging queque for a while now. It was one of my christmas gift projects, actually one of my favourite ones.

Over years now I’ve bookmarked various tutorials for handmade baskets or bowls – but most of them are based on handsewing … aargh … I hate handsewing, I’m a impatient person. So, basically I remained bookmarking and thinking about how I would … someday …

rope bowl 2 rope bowl 3

And then I saw Frau Gold`s admirable rope bowls, followed the link for the tutorial and was persuaded: Machine sewing! Check! Ok, I was a bit sceptical whether this would really work, at least work with my old sewing machine. Nevertheless I ordered a whole 100m spool of cotton rope (4mm) here.

And then I started sewing. And I was really excited, cause it really, really is as easy to make as it looks (perhaps the fact that I made five bowls in a row serves as a proof) and I liked the outcome so much!

 I really like the minimalist black-and-white look that I created in one case by simply changing sewing thread partly to black, and in the other case by painting the rope randomly with black textile colour before sewing. I am still excited by the simple natural look!

Of course you can bring a bit more colour in your life 😉 and work with coloured rope, dip-dye the rope or paint the bowl afterwards. Have a look f.ex. at these colourful baskets. You can also experiment with different sizes, create slightly different styles depending on the angle you’re sewing from the bottom upwards.

I for my part still have some rope on the spool…

rope bowl 4 rope bowl 5



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