Skin nourishment – Whipped body butter

moisturizing body butter

Yes, I am giving a recipe to you here, but this time it is not to feed your belly but your skin, altough you’ll find most of the ingredients in your kitchen cabinet.

Let me go farther back for a bit: As probably a lot of people, especially in winter I suffer from dry skin. Throughout the years I’ve experimented with a lot of body lotions and butters, and I had some quite satisfying results. But nothing could compete with this body butter that I am using throughout this whole winter now. Never has my skin felt better than this without an annoying greasy film on my skin that takes ages to get absorbed. So I thought it would be nice to spread this not only among my family and friends, but also here on the blog. Winter is not yet over…

coconut body butter

whipped body butter

The idea is quite simple: Mixing oils and butters with different characteristics and whipping them with the help of your kitchen whisk into a creamy, easy applyable body butter (Yes, it is as easy as making whipped cream). I also added some aloe vera and glycerin for extra moisture, but this is really optional. Of course, you can use this simple recipe as a starting point for experimenting with different oils and butters, just keep in mind

  1. that hygiene and cleanliness, freshness of the used products is very important when making your own cosmetics,
  2. that the ratio of solid versus liquid fats should be about 3:1,
  3. that the texture of coconut oil depends highly on the average temperature of where you live, so you might have to adjust the ratio,
  4. that coconut oil, which is the main ingredient should be complemented by other oils, if you’re tending to have dry skin: It is absorbed very quickly and leaves you with a soft skin, but the effect is rather short-living

DIY whipped body butter

whipped body butter 2

Whipped body butter

80 g coconut oil, 20 g cocoa or shea butter, 30 g almond oil

optional: 3 g aloe vera concentrate, 7 g glycerin, 10-20 drops essential oils to your liking

In a water bath melt all butters and oils. Transfer to the fridge for 30-60 minutes until the oil-butter-mixture has cooled and started to get firm again. Add aloe vera, glycerin and essential oils.With an electric whisk, whip until you’ve reached a soft creamy texture. Transfer to a clean plastic, glas or aluminium jar or tin. Store at room temperature.

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