Amongst likeminded – Foodbloggercamp Reutlingen 2016

#fbcr16 pasta making 2

Much has be written about the third Foodbloggercamp that took place at Marcus Schneiders “Cooking Concept” in Reutlingen. Do we need another retrospective?

#fbcr16 sharpening knives

I decided to make it short, to give a few impressions of my view on the weekend and the great people I met during those two intensive days.

#fbcr16 lunch

#fbcr16 cookingconcept

For me it was one of little occasions that I come together with foodbloggers in real life. In the run-up the uncertainity came again: Will we get along? Do we have something to talk about? Is the love for cooking and food sufficient as a common ground?

#fbcr16 food photography

#fbcr16 pasta making

#fbcr16 cooking

Most of my worries were unnecessary, though. In fact, I was amazed about how many commonalities we could discover … apart from the obvious food topic.

#fbcr16 sausage making

#fbcr16 wernerkochtwild

So, my thanks go especially to Julia from Chestnut&Sage, Steffen and Sabrina from Feed Me Up Before You Go Go, Frank the Chef de Cambuse, Werner who cooks wild/game, the Swabian Feinschmeckerle Ina and of course Marcus the deeply relaxed chef of “Cooking Concept”. It was such a pleasure to meet you! Hopefully not for the last time!

#fbcr16 chef de cambuse

#fbcr16 foodbloogercamp

#fbcr16 gin tasting


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