One for all – Easy baby blankets

purl soho baby duvet

Kids are born around us in a quite high frequency these days… of course, it’s the age.

When it comes to newborn gifts I always turn back to a handmade blanket. Why? Usually young parents don’t lack of clothes for their baby. So, why giving the 101st romper which will be too small within weeks, anyway? Instead I like the (potential) durability and versatility of a blanket. It can warm the newborn in the house and outside in the buggy. It can be used as a play ground for the toddler, as blankie for the schoolkid (proof).

baby blanket polka dots

frottee baby duvets

After a knitted one and a quilted one, this time I sewed two blankets loosely following the instructions for Purl Soho’s lap duvet,…

For the accent fabric I used a nice structured polka dot fabric from my stash and added a little white triangle at the corner, just for a little extra. For the second blanket I used pieces of IKEA’s 2016 sommar collection (I love it!) which I combined with each other.

For the back I chose a cuddly soft frottee fabric, actually a bath towel (100 x 150 cm) that I had bought a while ago for some sewing project that wasn’t really clear at this point. Cut into half it was the perfect size for two baby blankets, which you could therefor actually use as well as baby towels.

As the fabrics already gave enough weight and volume I didn’t add any extra batting.

baby blanket frottee

Although tacking the blankets (and the extra topstiching around the edges  I added) took a bit of time all in all the blankets came together really quick.
Any suggestions for the next baby blanket project?

babyl blanket indigo dye

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  1. Jaja, hier das gleiche, schlimm 😉 Ich griff vor kurzem aus gleichem Grund zu einem wärmenden Getreidekissen, dass direkt nach der ersten Mikrowellenrunde in Flammen aufging. Merke: wer nähen kann ist klar im Vorteil! Ich greife jetzt wieder auf unbedenkliche Strampler zurück…

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