Minimalism – Laundry bags from SnapPap aka Kraft-Tex


storage basket kraft tex

This place has got a bit quiet during the last weeks, for different reasons. One of them was the major spring cleaning up, decluttering and rearranging that happened in this place.
And although it comes with costs in time, dorsal pain and patience – to stand the temporary mess – it’s totally worth the effort.

laundry basket

There is this connection between outside and inside. Sorting things out, clearing your space has an immediate impact on your mind and soul. Every piece discarded, that you don’t need (anymore), don’t like (perhaps never did) is not only outer but also inner ballast that you free yourself from.
In the end this is a process of self-awareness, focusing. The question your thrown back to again and again is: “What has some worth for me? What are my values?” Hence thinking about possessions I want to keep for the nearer or farer future totally fits in the general state of my mind at the moment. Although I wouldn’t recommend this book without reserve, Marie Kondos “Life-changing magic of tyding up” gave some help and inspiration in this process.

washable paper basket

I guess it’s obvious that I feel torn to the whole idea of minimalism and simplification of life. And: Yes, I am totally aware of all the criticism and ridicule about this trend that aims to stand against the first world problem of overconsumption. I’m still trying to work on my ‘capsule wardrobe’…

paperbag snap pap

Sometime during this whole process I said good-bye to our old laundry basket and sewed those three new bags. A great project to try sewing with SnapPap aka kraft-tex advertised as “vegan leather” or “washable paper”. It’s sturdy and stable and I really like the outcome, although working with the material in these dimensions needs a bit of elbow grease and concentration.
The bottom is a disk measuring 35 cm in diameter. The hight is 80 resp. 50 cm (enough to fold it on top). To find the right width simply use the circle formula: circumference = pi x diameter. Don’t forget to add seam allowance. That’s it. And even the inevitable laundry looks clean in a minimalist way 🙂

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