The blue flower – Another rainbow clutch

patchwork clutch noodlehead

Sehnsucht – one of those enigmatic German words that books were written about. In the romantic sense it means something like longing for wholeness and infinity – while being aware of the fact that this can only be a hope, a unrealisable desire. The “blue flower” has become the symbol for this feeling. It’s unreachable but in looking at the beauty of “regular” flowers we can get an idea of it.

rainbow clutch handmade style rainbow clutch denim

After the first rainbow clutch from Anna’s book Handmade Style” I made came out so pretty, I sewed this one for a friend and colleague as birthday present. Tidying and sorting my fabric cabinet helped to get an overview of my collection and find the right combination for the patchworked front pocket.
Sadly this will also be a farewell present as our paths at work will separate. She’s off for new horizonts, hopefully coming close to her “blue flower” and I am absolutely happy for her. But the feeling of being left behind in imperfection is hard to push aside. Mixed feelings.
What remains is Sehnsucht

rainbow clutch Anna Graham


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