Catching thoughts – DIY notebooks

DIY notebook craft paper

Die Gedanken sind frei.
Wer kann sie erraten? 
Sie fliegen vorbei
wie nächtliche Schatten.
Kein Mensch kann sie wissen,
kein Jäger erschiessen.
Es bleibet dabei,
die Gedanken sind frei.

book binding sewing machine

When my colleague and me were planning our upcoming student research project we soon came to the conclusion that every student should have a place to write down his/her thoughts, ideas, questions. A “Gedankenfänger” (thought catcher) to keep these things in whatever way, words, sketches, scrapbooked newspaper articles,…

DIY notebooks

stamped notebook

It should be small, we decided, not a large portfolio that stays at home at the desk, but a practical small notebook to be carried with you. The plain elegant moleskine cahier journal came to my mind.

Unfortunately at school you’re notoriously lacking money 😦 So, I soon had to realize that when I didn’t want to stick with regular exercise books I had to get creative and do it myself. And so I did! I remembered the notebooks I had made a while ago. In the stationary shop I found greeting cards in natural tones that I wanted to use as cover, then I digged deep in my stamp collection…

I was so happy with the outcome that I – although not intended – decided to share them here as well. And I am planning to make some more!

DIY easy book binding

DIY notebooks moleskine style

DIY notebook

You’ll need:
1 cardboard DIN A5 (in this case I used pre-creased greeting cards), 16 pages white paper DIN A5, binder clips, sewing machine, optional: stamps (mine are from here and here), stickers, washi tape,…

How to: 
(Mark and crease centerfold on cardboard.)
Evenly stash white paper and cardboard on top, fix with binder clips. Sew a straight stich line along the centerfold (wide stich length, f.ex. 3,5), sewing forth and back at the beginning and end to secure. Fold and press.
Decorate if you like with stamps, washi tape, stickers,…

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