That certain something – Petal pouches in japanese blue

japanese asanoha pattern pouch

For me Anna von from Noodlehead is the goddess of pouches and bags! One reason perhaps is that I learned the basics of sewing mostly with her pictured tutorials. Thanks to her I can sew any kind of zipper … and I am still more familiar to English sewing terms than German ones 😉

petal pouch flowers

It is also, because non (really NON) of her tutorials and patterns (free or for purchase) has led me down at any time. I would say they’re foolproof. They’re seldom difficult to sew, and always with a sleek, modern design (different variations often included). Very admirable: she has a knack for chosing just the right fabrics for each project. Very inspirational! Without her I probably wouldn’t have heard about a couple of great fabric designers and manufacturers, like f.ex. Umbrella PrintsCarolyn Friedlander, Cloud9, …

pouch japanese indigo print

With this recently released petal pouch pattern she got me again. I never get enough of sewing little pouches. They’re very rewarding to sew, you can combine bits of your favourite fabrics and they always make nice little presents, cause you can never have enough little pouches. I made two small pouches (a large version is also available) with some of my favourite japanese fabrics. These and the rounded petal shape make these zippered pouches just this tiny bit extraordinary. I love this kind of sewing projects!

noodlehead clam pouch

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