Lioness – Toddler backpack


It’s a saying: “Everyone is unique.” But that doesn’t mean that uniqueness always is accepted. Life isn’t always easy for them who don’t look “normal”, live or love other than the majority, the way things “should be”. Who are we to judge, to claim the truth, to demand assimilation?!

backpack-straps lion-pillow-and-backpack

Being obviously “different” with your red hair, protruding ears, small size, dark skin can feel like a burden, especially when you’re a kid and just want to be part of the game. Kids can be cruel with others falling out of their pattern. Even more, it is important to strengthen the fact that there is no “normal”. Everybody is unique and this is an enrichment not a problem.

I made this backpack for a little lioness who is led into the wild of the day-care centre. A special girl that shouldn’t hide but show her uniqueness with pride and a colourful backpack that wants to be recognized. Actually, we should all abandon ignorance and narrow-mindedness with the loud roaring of a lioness.


The pattern for this toddler backback comes from Rae (in terms of blogging a really old pattern) that I complemented with some extra side pockets – gathered with elastic tape – and a front pocket that is closed with a snap. I also added an adjustable chest strap for more stability … And of course the beautiful lion patch from TELL ME. The coordinate cushion was too sweet not buy it!


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