One thing leads to another – Creative maker supply case


The ones that follow me on instagram may have recognized that I’ve started a new longtime project: Handlettering. Although writing – mainly on chalkboard – is part of my daily routine, I’m definitely lacking a pretty handwriting. I had started a few rather piteous attempts in lettering, but this time, when I came across Frau Hölle and her tutorials I decided to keep up with more honesty and endurance … and professional equipment! And what can I say? – Langsam nährt sich das Eichhörnchen. (roughly: Little by little, the bird builds its nest.) But my patience still lasts.


One thing leads to another: With all the new pens and pencils, I thought a case for taking them with me would come in handy. I had Anna’s Road Trip Case in my mind, a versatile pattern that could carry all sorts of crafting material. But then, via Tatiana – one of my new favourite sewing bloggers -, I came across Sara from Sew Sweetness and her Creative Maker Supply Case. For a moment I hesitated: A zipper all around the case (the corners!), layers of batting to sew through … not quite my favourite. But then the pattern fitted just too good to what I had in my mind!



And again, one step led to another. I hadn’t sewed with mesh before and turned to Snaply for stocking up with it, also deciding to give the much praised Soft&Stable a try … and then I saw those cool copper zippers! They were exactly what I needed! I had thought about sewing the case with metal zippers, but adjusting metal zippers 🙄 … These metalized zippers were the solution: the look of copper, but the easy manageability of plastic zippers and a wide zipper band (essential for this makers case). Yay!

Basically, my pen case evolved around this zipper and the vision to create a grown up case, not a screaming colourful kids case. I mean, it’s a sophisticated handlettering case 😉

After having managed all the fumbling around with zipper, layers of fabric (the wonder clips were a good investment!), after ruining one sewing needle, I finally could hold it in my hands: my super cool, sophisticated pen case! Yay!



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