Efficient – Origami bento bag


This may be the fastest and easiest thing I’ve ever sewed. Ratio of time invested : outcame = unbeatable!


Although this origami bento bag isn’t difficult to sew, it is helpful to have have pictured tutorial of the folding steps at hand when sewing it for the first time. (I have lot of experience in sewing things wrong sides together, it’s some kind of logical problem.) These pictured instructions f.ex. are helpful. (Optionally you could box the corners to create a real bottom.)

To make things even more easier I used a vintage kitchen towel, that I inherited, and cut  it into half lengthwise. I think the stiched bordure accentuates the “folded” look in a really nice way. After seaming the cut edges I came out with two retangles at about 60 cm x 20 cm. An ideal size to fit f.ex. a monbento box into the bag.



For some more possibilities to carry the bag (wrapping, tying), I added eyelets and cords on both corners of the bag.

Total time: about 20 minutes. Outcome: Two beautiful lunch bags. Sometimes things are that easy. I wish I could be that efficient in all my work 😦

origami-tote sewed-bento-bag


  1. Ich hab so ein Bento-Täschchen das erste mal im Lindenmuseum gesehen, da läuft ja gerade die oishii-Ausstellung, und ich war hin und weg! So simple, so hübsch, ich glaub, das dürfte sogar ich genäht bekommen 🙂

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