Balance – Felt ball mobile


It’s already midst of January, the blog break obviously took longer than intended. Anyway, I hope you all had relaxed holidays and a good start into the new year.

Mine started with a lot of work, but I don’t complain. Proudness that I managed not to fall into too much procrastination prevails! (One of my big goals for 2017).



This project actually was one of my Christmas presents. But as it is not very christmasy and because I had wanted to make this for so long, here it is: a cute felt ball mobile. Two DIY pinspirations came together here that are fascinating me for a while: mobiles and embroidery hoops.

Those mobiles are intended for a toddler or kids room, but since I made them I’m thinking about making one for our sleeping room as well…

If you’re very ambitious you can make the felt balls yourself – if not you’ll find colourful collections on Etsy or Dawanda. The major difficulty then is not getting obsessed with trying to arrange the felt balls as irregular and “randomly” as possible 😀


Felt ball mobile

For one hook you’ll need:
about 50 felt balls, different sizes  (I bought mine at 8-natur and was very pleased with the quality, 100 x 1 cm, 50 x 2,3 cm), embroidery hoop (1 hoop), white thread, needle, scissors

How to:
As you may see, the mobiles I made have 8 strands. Each of them is filled with 7 felt balls (= 56 total). This can be varied to your liking.
Wrap thread around the hoop 2-3 times, leaving about 20 cm of thread on top. Secure with a knot. Thread 7 felt balls through the end of the thread. Cut thread at a generous length.
Repeat this step another 7 times.
Knot the tops of the thread together, the hoop should hang evenly. I also sewed a little loop from snap pap for “channeling” the strands on top.
Hang mobile, position felt balls irregularly. I think it looks nice when the strands have different lengths as well. When your happy with the look, finish each strand with a knot and cut off remaining thread.



  1. Dörte

    Das ist wirklich sehr schön. Kannst du mir vielleicht verraten, welche Sets/Mischung du genau gekauft hast? Die Farben sehen einfach toll aus. LG Dörte

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