The flow – Trail tote


Panta rhei. Life is a flow. Most times it’s a steady flow, we’re floating in familiar waters. Perhaps you would prefer some more movement, a slight change of directions, but somehow it doesn’t happen. Are you even moving forward, is there any progress although you’re working for it?

You can’t see it. But suddenly it’s there: It starts with a small swirl, you can sense some kind of acceleration … and suddenly things happen!

Is ist just luck? Some kind of Matthew effect?

Perhaps these are the waves that had simply been under the surface of calm waters and are now revealing their power, the seed that we planted that finally sprouts?

Still, the experience that out of a sudden – at least it seams so – there is an intensification, coincidences of events stays mysterious. Strings are coming together, effortless, while for a long time efforts didn’t seem to have any effects.

Did I change anything? Was it me that stired up the water, that initiated the motion?



Anyhow, it seems that things sometimes just are waiting for their right point in time. Like the pattern for this trail tote (from Anna Graham, the queen of bags) that I had downloaded already two years ago. And for two years it stayed in its folder on my computer…

… until a few days ago the waves were flushing it up again. I had the person in mind that I wanted to gift, I had found the right fabric for the project – long island flower by Gütermann – and after a few hours I had finished my first trail tote, a great all-purpose tote with some extras like the zippered front pocket, an adjustable strap and of course the accent piping.

We’ll see what else the flowing waters hold in store!




  1. I also have a bad habit of buying fabric and/or patterns and setting them aside for months (or even years) but, yes, sometimes that does seem to be for the better! Love the print, too!

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