Girls only – Discrete little pouch


This weekend I attempted a long overdue task: Tidying up my sewing materials. Bias tape, rivets and eylets, zippers and cotton webbing, velcro and cords – it had all become quite a mess lately, in which I had slightly lost orientation. No wonder that I made surprising discoveries during the cleaning up 😀

After this first step it was time to go through my collection of fabric scraps. Pleasant surprises here as well. The scraps reminded of former sewing projects of which they had been left over. I realized once again that organization is indeed a nice thing


discreet-ladies-pouchAfter I had rediscovered all those fabric scraps, I wanted to use some of them up. After some rather failed sewing projects lately I was also looking for some small no fuss but satisfying little fun project. I ended up with these little tampon (or “vampire teabags”) pouches. Ok, this is nothing you neccesarily need. Actually, I guess, for a lot of people there’s absolutely no point in gadgets like this. But perhaps for some it is. So I thought: Maybe there are at least some other people that have this thing with pouches, in which you can put other smaller pouches, in which… And if not, it’s still my blog 😉

And by the way I learned a lot english synonyms for shark week, Aunt Flow, strawberry week…



Discrete tampon pouch

You’ll need:
exterior and interior fabric: each 16,5 cm x 8 cm
optional interfacing 1 piece 16,5 cm x 8 cm
2 pocket retangles, each 14 cm x 8 cm
options for closing: snaps (the ones I use), rubber band (11 cm), velcro

How to:
Cut out fabric pieces. If not using canvas, denim or similar fuse interfacing to exterior piece. [If you choose velcro for closing, you should sew the velcro to the pocket pieces at this stage.] Fold pocket pieces in half lengthwise and topstich top. Make a “sandwich”: First layer: interior fabric, right side up. Second, align pocket pieces to both short ends of the lining, raw edges matching. (You can baste the pieces at this point. For this small pouch I skipped this step.) [If you choose a rubber band as closing, pin the band in place on both sides of one pocket, approximately 2 cm from the short, raw edge. Let the ends stick a bit out of the sandwich.] Finally cover the two layers with the exterior fabric, wrong side up. Pin in place and sew all around the edge with ½ cm seam allowance, leaving a opening for turning on one side in between the pockets. (It’s a rather small opening, but enough for this little bit of fabric.) Clip corners. Turn right side out through the opening. Stitch the opening closed with a very small seem allowance (or by hand with a slip stich). Press. [Finally, if you’re using snaps, add snaps according to the instructions.]



  1. Ich finde solche Täschchen super praktisch! Bevor in jeder Tasche die Tampons lose rumfliegen ist es doch viel besser, sie hübch verpackt griffbereit zu haben. Außerdem fällt damit dieses verschämte rumwurschteln und heimlich in der Hosentasche verschwinden lassen weg 🙂

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