Jassa – Summer tote

Ok, summer still is some months ahead, but spring is on its unstoppable way, trees are getting greener from day to day, blue crocuses, white spring snowflakes and snowdrops are sprouting and are heralding the new season (although they still carry ‘snow’ in their name).

So, kind of naturally I feel torn again to colours. No better time for IKEA to launch their limited collection JASSA, a collection inspired of asian materials and techniques: rattan and bamboo furniture, colourful batik print fabrics. Who doesn’t long for summer and sun, these days?! I went to our local IKEA store and bought myself through the fabrics of the collection they had in store. I was sure that I would find a range of purposes for them ( a tunic, summer trousers, an infinity scarf…?)

In the first place, I had a new tote on my list. New season, new tote.

As pattern I chose the ‘Gingham Tote’ from Anna’s book “Handmade Style”. I had sewed this bag before, but as a present. Now I wanted to sew one for myself. The size, the different options to carry it make it a great every-day-tote. This time I sewed the tote with the rounded front pocket option, a simpler version. And with the batik pattern from the JASSA collection it is an eyecatcher, although not too dominant in colour either.

Summer – or at least spring – I’m prepared!

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