Keep the rhythm – Avocado dyed fabric and embroidered pincushion

Somehow I didn’t really see it coming. It was a busy time, but I had the feeling that I’m coping well this time. I must have missed some early sign of my body. So the sign got louder, arrythmic. My heart had lost its rhythm somewhere on the way, I had lost my rhythm. I was eager to regain it, to find my beat again.

What helped me (like most of the time): The calming power of nature, withdrawal from distraction, doing things with my hands. All three can be combined 😉

What my hands mostly did during the last weeks was knitting. The combination of concentration and monotonous regularity can be healing. Stich after stich after stich… Knitting really was my yoga! … Together with this little meditative embroidery project that Sanae Ishida created for Making Magazine No. 3 “Dots”. Running stiches that create – stich by stich by stich – a geometric pattern. Some machine sewing later you end up with a beautiful filigree pin cushion.

I used this small project for a first take on my hand dyed fabric. Via Tatiana I learned about the fascinating effects of avocados:

Put skins and pits of 2 avocados in about 3 liters of water, cook for 1-2 hours, remove skins and pits, soak fabric over night in dye, wash out and dry.

That’s about it and the outcome – the most beautiful dusky pink – is stunning! I mean: two avocados can do this magic! Nature keeps being a source of fascination!

Have look as well, at the beautiful pencil pouch Tatiana made from her fabric.

And now: Stich after stich after stich … keep the rhythm!


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