Hydration – Watermelon cucumber granita

watermelon granita with cucumber

Ok, it probably doesn’t go much easier than this “recipe”. But the summer heat is on again after a little break and what you definitely want to avoid is turning on the oven and spending too much time in a small kitchen.

So watermelon in any way is the choice of the day. This granita basically multiplies the hydrating and refreshing effect of watermelon – turned into frozen crystals and upgraded by a splash of lime juice and some cucumber. Yes, you heard right. Try it and you will see that is a great combination of flavours.

And if you’re not only melting from summer heat but also suffer from some kind of summer flu with sore throat, this watermelon granita is actually what you want to eat all day long.

Wassermelone Gurke Granita

watermelon cucumber granita

Watermelon cucumber granita

300 g watermelon, 100 g cucumber, 1 tablespoon lime (or lemon) juice

Cut and deseed watermelon. Peel, deseed and cut cucumber. Blend watermelon, cucumber and lime juice. (Add sweetener if you need. If you like, you can strain the liquid through a mesh strainer before freezing it.) Pour the liquid into a container and freeze for at least 4 hours. Scrape the mixture about every hour with a fork, folding the frozen parts under the rest, to get the granita texture.

One comment

  1. Wer braucht zurzeit schon Rezepte? Wassermelone rettet uns halt gerade alle, egal in welcher Form. Und diese hier gefällt mir besonders gut 🙂

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