Autumn mode – Beloved Berlin cowl

autumn colours - cowl

From year to year it has become clearer: this is my favourite season. I’m not the person for the extremes, more a temperate one. Autumn turns down the speed, not only nature is slowing down. This is the time for cocooning mode, for sipping tea, knitting all sunday long. And as Christmas is in sight there are a lot of knitting projects to be cast on. One already finished project is this Beloved Berlin cowl, designed by Isabell Kraemer. A subtle pattern that isn’t difficult to knit: The warm yellow back layer peeks through the laced front layer. Structure and colour are balanced out.

Beloved Berlin - Isabell Kraemer

autumn cowl

Beloved Berlin cowl

The cowl’s colours perfectly fit into the autumnal surrounding. Cause when the sun  – oh this autumnal light! – comes out in the afternoon no blowing winds should keep you away from leaving the house for a walk through streets covered with colourful rustling leaves and enjoying the last warming sunrays!

knitted lace cowl

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