Sock’n’Roll – A bunch of hand knitted socks

knit socks - Coop Knits, stine und stich, kanoko

Socks enjoy the reputation to be the least creative gift. I don’t think they are, obviously 😉 Cause I gave a pair of hand knitted socks to my dearest friends for Christmas! And although Christmas is already more than a month ago now, I wanted to share them here on the blog. Winter isn’t over yet and warm feet are still in great demand!

colorwork knit geometric

Of course we are not talking about a simple pack of regular store bought socks, but handcrafted colorful, beautifully patterned ones. Socks that you are not ashamed to hide in shoes, that you can wear instead at home or let them blink out off your boots.

colorwork dots - Making No

There were a few ressources I turned to for inspiration and advice (see further down). Especially when it comes to sizing and the great question on how to knit the heel of a sock. I learned 3 variations of heels – the heel flap, the boomerang aka short row heel, the afterthought heel, including variations (I guess my favorite on still is the flap heel that I am familiar to from my two knitting grandma’s).

When it comes to patterns I really digged into stranded knitting with two or more colours. It needs some practice, that’s nothing to deny. But you get your flow and the outcome is sabsolutely worth the effort.

Stricksocken Farbmuster

The dotted Kanoko Socks are designed by Mary Jane Mucklestone, published in Making No.3: DOTS.

The ebook “Coop Knits Socks Yeah!, Vol. 1” by Rachel Coopey is such a treasure chest for beautifully patterned and coloured socks as well as for learning the basics of sock knitting. I chose the patterns Twylla and Coraline.

The grey-anthracite-copper colored socks I designed myself – but inspired by the beautiful geometric colorwork of Kerstin’s socks. She has also published  a book, solely dedicated to colorwork knitted socks – the “SoxxBook”. I haven’t bought it yet, but I think I can’t resist.

I used different sock yarns from Drachenwolle, Coop Knits Sock Yeah! and Gedifra.

knit socks colorwork

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