Passing the time – Quick DIY gift tags

I am bored and I am ill… I am bored, because I am ill. I can’t sit, stand, walk or lie for a long time without having a bad backache. And I am not good in being ill, unable to do anything.

One of the things I could do were these gift tags, made out of drawing paper, my new neon coloured ball pens, the spirograph I purchased lately on Ebay, a round (2″ diameter) scalloped paper punch and some natural twine. Those gift tags – reminding me of dandelions, dahlia, sunflowers – brought at least a bit of summer colour and feeling into the room. And as there are still some birthdays to come this summer, I already have my stock of gift tags prepared now.

So much for today. Time to change the position again.

Need some more spirographical inspiration? Here are 101 cool ideas with spirograph.


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  2. Simone

    über die homemade brause bei den tollen neon-spirographen-tags gelandet…. so ein schöner blog. :o) sowas will ich auch machen…ich bin infiziert… darf ich erfahren, mit welchem spirographen-kasten solch klasse formen entstehen?
    gruss, simone

    • Vielen Dank für das Lob, das hört man doch immer gern! Den Spirographen habe ich vor ner Weile bei Ebay ersteigert. Er ist von Mattel, dem Design der Packung nach vermute ich aus den 80ern. Schau mal bei Ebay oder auf dem Flohmarkt, da gibt es immer mal wieder welche.

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  4. ah man, I’m just seeing this now! so lovely, all that neon. years and years ago i used spirograph swirls and glitter pens to decorate my xmas tree. I love the neon here. packs a most delightful punch!

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