Temporary solution – Fabric storage buckets

fabric storage bucket 1

This sewing project evolved from necessity. As I have started to do some more sewing again, I also had to face the chaos that had gained the upper hand in my jam-packed drawer as well as in my sideboard filled with fabric. And I had just bought a stack of beautiful Japanese fabrics from here, that I can’t wait to sew with … but that also need space! Aargh, it’s a constant managment of space shortage!

fabric storage bucket 3

It was time to tidy up, clear out – and create new storage space. That’s how it came that I sewed up these two fabric buckets that hold now my unsorted collection of fabric scraps.

I remembered this nice tutorial that I had bookmarked a while ago. It’s really a beginner project. Its quick and it doesn’t involve any zippers. I found it helpful to get advice for measurement … instead of doing the whole trial and error myself.

The finished buckets are super versatile when it comes to usage: Depending on size you can basically store everything it them: craft stuff, pens, toys, but you could also use them as bread buckets or plant pot covers.

fabric storage basket 4

I used leftover fabric pieces from this and this project  that I had rediscovered when tidying up 😉 Enough to sew two medium sized buckets (with some small adjustements). As the printed fabrics are already sturdy jute fabrics I used only a light interfacing, not the recommended heavy weight interfacing. No problem with stability! And the storage problem is solved – at least for a while.

fabric storage basket 2

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