Lentil salad with goat cheese

Since this is my first post I decided to present a recipe which is one of my all-time favorites.

I normally choose the small black beluga lentils for this salad, because they stay firm to bite – and in this case you don`t want to have a mash.

This time I combined beluga and special swabian lentils, which have an even more nutty taste. You add them to a sliced and stewed onion, deglaze them with a bit of balsamico vinegar and water and simmer them until they are well done.

I let the lentils cool down for about ten minutes and then spice them with another shot of balsamico, salt and pepper and a bit of freshly sliced basil, parsley or rocket.

This lentil salad goes perfect with seafood or – like I do it most of the time – a soft and mild goat cheese, which I sprinkle with a little bit of honey. It is also great with a little bit of caramelized brown sugar on top.

A fresh bread with it and here it goes – your perfect summer meal.

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