Summer travel equipment – Wide zippered toilet bags

These easy toilet bags are based – again – on a sewing tutorial from Anna. I saw her beautiful wide zippper pouches with contrasting bottom the other day and decided to make some similar ones that can be used as toilet bags f.ex. for a short trip (at least I need a bigger one for longer travelling). Anna even made the effort to provide a detailed measurement chart for three sizes of her pouch! Check it out, it’s really helpful. Especially when it comes to boxing the corners, I always find it difficult to judge the final size.

The pouches I made are all three medium sized (zipper length: 12″). For the exterior fabric I used up some fabric scraps, sewed together and stabilized with interfacing. The contrasting bottom is denim (without any further interfacing). The colourful dotted lining fabric is oil cloth – for a washable inside toilet bag … actually it’s a tablecloth I had bought at  IKEA a while ago, because I liked the cute pattern and thought that it could be used exactly for this kind of sewing projects. So, I am ready for holiday…

At the moment I am enjoying the remoteness of the Palatine forest for a few days, but more of this in a later post…


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