Well equipped – Knitters project bag

knitting bag

I had bought the Cloud9 “Wound Up” fabric already with the idea of sewing a knitting bag in my mind. And then … nothing happened.

… Until I wanted to take my recent knitting project with me and it didn’t fit into my small project bag I made a while ago (btw one of my most popular blog posts these days).

After some measuring to find the perfect size – the hight fits circular needles and small double pointed needles – I sewed up this easy drawstring bag. I was satisfied …

sewing project bag

… until I realized – after two days – that I actually would prefer a less colourful, more restrained bag for me. And so I flipped through my fabrics, took one out and back again, until I finally settled with one of my precious Japanese shibori fabrics.

So, now I have two bags: one conspicuous, one rather subtle. I guess I’m well equipped now 😉

knitting project pouch

project pouch

Drawstring knitting project bag

You’ll need:
2x exterior fabric:  30 x 25 cm
2x lining fabric: 30 x 25 cm
2x slip pocket pieces (lining fabric): 20 x 15 cm
2x drawstring casing: 29 x 4 cm
2x drawstring: 75-80 cm
Boxing (bottom depth): 10 cm

How to 
Follow this pictured tutorial
Additional slip pocket (before sewing the lining pieces together):
Put both pieces wrong sides together, sew along all edges leaving a hole for turning. Turn right sides out, iron and topstich top edge. Pin pocket to one lining piece, centred and 4 cm away from top edge. Edge stich along left, right and bottom. With a water soluable pen mark a vertical centred line, then another one centred between the first line and the left (or right) edge to create three pockets. Sew along the lines, don’t forget to secure the stiches at the beginning and the end.

drawstring bag

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