Store in style – DIY wire baskets

wire mesh basket 1

When I had finished my crocheted washcloths and scrubbies I found them too beautiful to hide them away. So I thought about how to display them in our bathroom, incorporate them into the interior design. Wire baskets came to my mind – and I remembered a tutorial for a DIY wire basket that I had seen a while ago and bookmarked.

wire mesh basket 2

I followed the comprehensive pictured tutorial of Amy and have to say:

These baskets are really easy to make, although the sturdy wire mesh is a bit difficult to handle. And be careful with the cut ends of the wire – they’re sharp. You’ll bend them to the inside, but if I would make these baskets for kids, I guess I would sandpaper the raw edgesd first. And next  time I will wear gloves…

I am still thinking about spraypainting them, but I couldn’t decide for a colour (copper?) … and I do like the raw silver matte look of the baskets right now. Definitely an upgrade of our bathroom!

wire mesh basket 3

You’ll need
wire mesh (1 cm grid) (I found it in the garden section of our local home improvement centre), wire cutter, pliers optional: sandpaper

See Amys pictured step-by-step tutorial.
Of course your are totally free about the size of your basket. If you already have a purpose in mind, adjust the basket size to the content.
I made my baskets in the following sizes:
25 x 15 x 10 cm, 14 x 10 x 6 cm, 11 x 11 x 9 cm (length x width x hight)


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