Approached and accomplished – Caravan Tote and Pouch

caravan tote and pouch 1

I’ve announced it already – and now it is done: I can hold my first Caravan Tote and Pouch in my hands! It took me quite a time to approach this pattern. After I’ve cut all the pieces – and there are a lot – they already started to get dusty, so long did it take me to finally start sewing.

caravan tote - noodlehead 2

The pattern – like all patterns and tutorials from Anna I’ve sewed before – is easily understood. By the way, I can also recommend her first book “Handmade Style” with a new collection of 23 attractive sewing projects.

There are a lot of pieces to assemble: This will take some time and if you don’t want to loose track, my advice is to stash and pin them together in groups (f.ex. tote exterior, tote lining, front pocket,…)

caravan pouch

caravan tote - noodlehead 3

What can I say: I love my tote and the corresponding pouch! I kept the colours restrained in denim-blue with the front pockets as little eyecatchers (“Little Florine” from Lotta Jansotter, again) and a red secret that hides behind the front zipper of the tote. The brown leather handles (I bought them here – great quality: stabile and soft at the same time) fit perfectly with the blue exterior, I think.

caravan tote and pouch 2

Attaching the rivets was a bit of a hassle, but I’ve learned and I’m passing on my gained knowledge with you: You don’t necessarly have to hammer on the top piece of the rivet, you can also hammer from the back side to avoid scratches. Don’t use a soft surface to hammer the two parts of the rivets. But don’t use a tile as well: It will crack (It did actually).

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  1. The Simple Beginner

    I am loving the shades of blue 🙂 I love the floral pattern too. A great design of bag and great work!!

  2. Ulrike

    Unglaublich schön! Damit könntest du grad einen Designpreis gewinnen. Bei den Farben denke ich gleich an Meer, Wind … Urlaub
    Liebe Grüsse

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