The perfume of christmas – Orange clove ornaments

orange clove ornament 1 Kopie

The day of Christmas Eve has come and before I’m wishing all of you a merry christmas with your families, I’ve one more quick DIY for you. It’s inspired by the traditional pomanders. It can be done in a few minutes and helps to spread christmas feeling in your home.

All you need is an orange, some cloves and a small cookie cutter (snowflake, star, reindeer,…).

orange clove ornament

Carefully peel orange and press peel flat. Punch out snowflakes (or other shape). It works best with the white side on top. Then spike orange snowflakes with cloves. That’s it! If you want, you can bead some of the orange ornaments on a string and  hang them f. ex. on your window, … or you’re making a whole garland for your christmas tree.

This or that way, the little ornaments just look cute and the perfume of christmas will diffuse through your home.

NOW, I am wishing all of you a happy christmas!

merry christmas


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