It’s not too late – Homemade culinary presents

You’re still urgently looking for a present? Something personally, homemade, not run of the mill, … but not too time consuming either?

Here’s some inspiration: I assembled culinary presents from nearly 3 years of nadel&gabel for you. Here you go:

We will start with the SWEET things:

1. Dulce de leche spread (with or without sea salt) from sweetened condensed milk – so easy to make that this is barely a recipe

dulce de leche

2. Praline marzipan chocolates – not as time consuming as it may seam and made to impress

praline marzipan chocolates

3. Magenbrot – easy to make with lots of christmas flavours


4. Also packed with christmas flavours: homemade spekulatius spread and pear bread with almonds and cranberries

fruit bread and spekulatius spread

5. Another easy to make spread: This rose & tea compound butter can be made from scratch (takes about 5 minutes more) or with storebought butter.

rose tea butter

6. Welsh cakes – A recipe I brought with me from our summer holiday in Wales (the compound butter would be delish with them too, I’m sure)

Welsh cakes 2

7. Amarettini – Little italian almond cookies that pair so well with a cup of cappucino and a perfect recipe for leftover egg whites


8. Want it more exotic? – What about matcha flavoured shortbread?

matcha shortbread

9. These fruit nut bars are yoummy and healthy. A classic in my kitchen!

fruit nut bars

10. Or perhaps you want to gift this decorative and yummy fruit leather (works with frozen fruit)?

fruit leather

11. For the (grownup) kids: homemade Brause (fizzy powder) – nicely packed!

fizzy powder

Althoug Brause can be stirred into water to create a sodapop, this is not very common. But these homemade gifts are made for DRINKING:

12. Orange syrup – If not now, then when should we use oranges? With the remaining orange peel you could easily assemble these orange clove ornaments.

orange syrup

13. For the tea lover – a homemade green tea blend with ginger and lime, packed into (also handmade) teabags if you want

green tea

14. Who doesn’t like hot chocolate – especially when it is paired with homemade marshmallows?!

hot chocolate & marshmallow

Your presentee is more of a CHEESE LOVER? – here are some things you can make him/her happy:

15. Homemade goat cream cheese truffles with walnut & honey – Sounds difficult? It isn’t!

goat cheese truffles

16. This quince mustard sauce is an absolute winner served with aged cheese…

quince mustard sauce

17. Or transform the quinces into this great dulce de membrillo – traditionally served together with manchego cheese


18. This roasted damson sauce also pairs sooo well with cheese (f.ex. gorgonzola)!

plum sauce 4

Last, but not least, here are some other SAVOURY culinary presents – all of them not too time consuming, but super delish!

19. This artichoke lemon cream can be made with canned artichoke hearts as well.

artichoke cream 6

20. Although those oven dried tomatoes take some time, they mostly do their work themselves – and the result is a concentration of flavour!

oven dried tomatoes

21. This mojo verde is only made for fans of coriander – but they will love you for this sauce/dip

Mojo Verde 1

22. Finally: Umami paste – very versatile and … yes, umami!

umami paste

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