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Today I want to introduce a new series on my blog on “Foodblogs I love” (no, no FBIL acronym needed). I am really happy that most of my longterm favourite bloggers were so kind to give me an interview about themselves, their blog and their approach to food.

As I wouldn’t count myself among the completely organised, there won’t be a fixed schedule for this feature. So stay tuned and don’t miss those inspiring people and blogs!

The first blog I want to present you today is Erin Gleesons “The Forest Feast”.

“A New York food photographer moves to the woods” (of North California) – the subtitle is much the program of Erins blog – although she does not only have a feel for cooking and taking photographs, but she is also a talented illustrator. That’s why she calls her creations “photographic recipe illustrations”. Erins blog celebrates the dream of a simple life in close connection to and inspired by the surrounding nature. Her blog follows the seasons of the year, appreciating what nature (and the CSA box) brings us. Her recipes are with no frills but always with a twist and a dash of jewish cooking tradition.

And she must be a great hostess as well! Her blog’s always a source of inspiration when it comes to party decoration that creates a cosy and laid back atmosphere or the assembling of a dinner party menu that doesn’t stress you out. What would I give for an invitation to one of her forest dinner partys – drinking a berry fizz on the cabin veranda (although “cabin” is a bit of understatement I think), nibble a bit of strawberry caprese here and bit of pesto caper bites there…

No wonder, that Erin is currently working on her own cookbook that will be out in Spring 2014 – that’s the only bad news: another year to wait.

But, let Erin speak for herself:

What is your main motivation for writing your food blog?
I began the The Forest Feast after moving from NYC (where I worked as a food photographer) to the woods in 2011, and the blog was a way for me to make a new portfolio as I started my career over in a new place.

What is your favourite recipe  that you’ve posted?
The thing I most often want to eat is the Eggplant “Tacos”.

What is your favourite ingredient?


What are the main influences of your cooking?
The fresh produce that comes weekly in my CSA box is really the main source of inspiration for my recipes. I guess if you were to categorize the type of food I make you could call it “California Cuisine” or perhaps even “Mediterranean”, but overall the dishes I share are produce based and mostly vegetarian.

What is good food?
Fresh produce

You’re blog is called “The Forest Feast”. What does the forest you are living in mean for you and your cooking?
Living in the forest has inspired me to shoot outdoors (which I seldom did in New York)- the light here is often foggy or golden. The weather in California is so mild that we can eat outdoors year round, which I love.

You are working as a professional photographer and illustrator. How important is the photography and illustration of your food for you?
Very important! My goal is to present recipe ideas in a simple, visual, beautiful way.

What do you think about sponsored blogging?
I am open to it as long as it fits with my aesthetic and the kitchen tools I use.

What is your favourite cooking book at the moment?
Home Made Summer by Yvette van Boven

What is your favourite food blog?
I really love the photography on “Canelle et Vanille

Thanks Erin for taking the time to answer my questions.

Recipes, Photos and Illustration by Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast

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