Hello autumn – Pickled mushrooms with dill

pickled mushrooms 1

How did it come that autumn suddenly is here in full bloom? – Where was transition that made it easier for us to say good bye to summer once again?

pickled mushrooms 6

Speaking in farmers market display: When have cherries been sold? – How come the sudden presence of plums, pumpkins, mushrooms, apples?

pickled mushroms 3Whatever! – We have to accommodate.

…And already when I sat at the airport of Stockholm this recipe for pickled mushrooms caught my eye. During our whole stay in Sweden I couldn’t decide which Swedish cookbook I would like to take home … so at the airport I wanted to buy at least a swedish cooking magazine. “Äkta mat” (real food) looked and sounded like a good choice, although I couldn’t understand everything.

pickled mushroms 2

As Swedes are surely pros when it comes to pickling as well as when it comes to all sorts of culinary treasures of the wood, I thought this recipe would be a good choice. I made a few adjustments to the original recipe: I used a mixture of different mushrooms, not solely chanterelles, I increased the concentration of the brine and I left out the dill seeds the recipe demanded – I had no idea where to get them and wasn’t sure if it would be good to substitute them with fennel seeds.

pickled mushrooms 5

My most preferred way of eating these marinated msuhrooms at the moment: With some cream cheese on a slice of toasted bread or on scrambled eggs

I guess I can reconsile with autumn …

pickled mushrooms 4

Pickled mushrooms with dill (4 jars at 255 ml)
adapted from a recipe in “Äkta Mat” 6/2014

650 g mushrooms (I used chanterelles, brown button mushrooms, king oyster mushrooms, porcini), ca. 300 ml rape seed oil

pickle brine: 400 ml water, 300 ml mild apple vinegar, 2 teaspoons salt, 8 white peppercorns, 1 laurel leaf, ½ bunch dill, 1 diced onion (+ 2 teaspoons dill seeds)


Clean mushrooms with a small knife. Cut bigger mushrooms into smaller pieces. Wash dill and seperate tips. In a medium pot heat up ingredients for the pickle. Simmer at low heat for about 5 minutes. Cook mushrooms in two batches for about 8 minutes in the brine. Take them out with a skimmer and let cool out on a paper towel. Strain brine through a fine sieve. You can keep the brine in the fridge and use f.ex. for mushroom risotto. In a medium pot warm rape seed oil, but don’t bring to boil. Fill mushrooms into prepared sterilized jars. Press down with a fork. Carefully fill up and completely cover with oil. Close lids. Leave to infuse for at least 3 days before eating the first batch. Store cool for at least 6 weeks. Always keep the mushrooms sealed with oil.

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